Neo Vendis, a company specializing in business growth and market expansion strategies, is playing a crucial role in supporting Arotz’s international sales action plan. This partnership is particularly focused on establishing and enhancing Arotz’s export department, with a keen eye on expanding its presence in the food industry through both gourmet and commodity products across various channels and market segments.

The collaboration has been instrumental in preparing a robust international sales action plan for Arotz. This plan is designed to navigate the complexities of the global food market, targeting both retail and HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) channels. The aim is to broaden the reach of Arotz’s diverse product range, which includes high-quality items such as truffles, mushrooms, purees, frozen fruits, preserves, and a variety of products in the V range.

One of the key aspects of this partnership is the protocolization and setup of Arotz’s export department. Neo Vendis brings its expertise in international trade and market analysis to the table, helping Arotz to establish a structured and efficient export department. This involves creating standardized procedures, compliance with international trade regulations, and developing strategies for logistics and distribution that are tailored to the unique challenges of the food industry.

Moreover, Neo Vendis’s support extends to identifying and penetrating different segments and disciplines within the food market. This includes targeting industrial buyers, specialists, retailers, and producers, as well as directly reaching out to clients. The strategy involves a detailed analysis of each segment, understanding their specific needs and preferences, and tailoring Arotz’s offerings accordingly. This segmented approach ensures a more precise and effective market penetration.

Additionally, Neo Vendis aids in product positioning and branding, especially important for gourmet products like truffles and high-quality preserves. The aim is to establish Arotz’s products as premium choices in the international market, emphasizing quality, uniqueness, and culinary excellence.

In summary, the collaboration between Neo Vendis and Arotz is a strategic endeavor to enhance Arotz’s international presence in the food industry. Through the development of a comprehensive sales action plan, the establishment of a structured export department, and targeted market segmentation strategies, Neo Vendis is poised to elevate Arotz’s position in the global food market, catering to a diverse array of channels and customer segments with its wide range of high-quality food products.

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