Neo Vendis, a company specializing in market expansion and strategic business development, is significantly contributing to La Collita’s efforts to expand its international sales and enter new markets, particularly in the food sector across retail and catering channels in Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. This collaboration is tailored to establish and strengthen Lacollita’s presence in these diverse and rapidly growing markets.

  1. Strategic International Sales Expansion: Neo Vendis brings its expertise to the forefront in developing and executing a strategic sales plan for Lacollita. This plan is intricately designed to align with the unique market dynamics and consumer preferences of Asian markets. It involves detailed market analysis, competitor assessments, and a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory landscape across different regions.

  2. Market Entry and Diversification: The focus of Neo Vendis’s strategy involves not just entering new markets in Asia but also diversifying Lacollita’s market presence. This includes identifying potential niches within the food sector where Lacollita’s offerings could have a competitive edge, whether it be in specialty food products, organic produce, or gourmet items tailored to local tastes.

  3. Retail and Catering Channel Development: Understanding the nuances of retail and catering channels in different Asian markets is key. Neo Vendis helps Lacollita in adapting its products and marketing strategies to suit the retail environment, from large supermarkets to local stores, and the catering sector, which includes restaurants, hotels, and other food service establishments.

  4. Regional Specificity and Cultural Sensitivity: Given the cultural and economic diversity in Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, Neo Vendis’s approach is highly regionalized and culturally sensitive. This entails customizing marketing and sales tactics to resonate with local consumers, considering factors like local food preferences, dietary habits, and cultural norms.

  5. Building Local Partnerships: Neo Vendis aids Lacollita in establishing strong partnerships with local distributors, suppliers, and businesses. These partnerships are crucial for logistical support, understanding local market trends, and gaining trust and credibility among local consumers and businesses.

  6. Leveraging E-commerce and Digital Channels: Recognizing the significant role of digital platforms in modern retail, Neo Vendis also supports Lacollita in developing a robust online presence. This includes e-commerce strategies, digital marketing, and leveraging social media to reach and engage with a broader customer base in these regions.

In summary, Neo Vendis’s support for Lacollita in expanding its international sales and opening new markets in Asia involves a multifaceted approach. It encompasses strategic planning, market analysis, adaptation to local cultures and consumer preferences, development of both retail and catering channels, forging local partnerships, and leveraging digital platforms. This comprehensive strategy is aimed at securing Lacollita’s foothold in the Asian food market, ensuring sustainable growth and a strong international presence.


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