Neo Vendis is playing a pivotal role in supporting Depurtech by offering a sales force outsourcing service, specifically aimed at penetrating the market of industrial clients for water purification and recycling solutions in Industrial Treatment Plants (EDARIS). This collaboration reflects a strategic approach to augment Depurtech’s reach and impact in the highly specialized and competitive sector of industrial water treatment.

  1. Sales Task Force: Neo Vendis provides Depurtech with a specialized outsourced sales force, equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in the water treatment industry. This external team acts as an extension of Depurtech, focusing on driving sales and expanding the client base. The benefit of outsourcing is multifold, offering scalability, flexibility, and access to a diverse set of skills and networks that might not be available in-house.

  2. Expertise in EDARIS: Given the technical complexity and regulatory requirements surrounding Industrial Treatment Plants (EDARIS), Neo Vendis’s team is trained to understand the nuances of these systems. This includes expertise in the latest technologies in water purification and recycling, regulatory compliance, and the ability to articulate the value and return on investment of Depurtech’s solutions to potential clients.

  3. Building Long-Term Client Relationships: Beyond initial sales, the outsourced sales force focuses on building and maintaining long-term relationships with industrial clients. This involves regular follow-ups, offering after-sales support, and staying informed about clients’ evolving needs. Such relationships not only foster repeat business but also open opportunities for referrals and expanded networks.

In summary, Neo Vendis’s support in sales force outsourcing for Depurtech is a comprehensive and dynamic approach, focusing on penetrating industrial markets for water purification and recycling solutions. This partnership leverages specialized sales expertise, market research, and relationship-building strategies to effectively expand Depurtech’s presence in the industrial water treatment sector, ensuring growth and sustainability in a niche but crucial market.

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