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Trébol Verde

Neo Vendis is playing a vital role in supporting Trébol Verde, a company operating in the retail sector, by providing continuous advice on commercial strategy and assisting in sales execution across various channels. This partnership is focused on enhancing Trébol Verde’s market position and expanding its sales reach, encompassing traditional retail, specialized retail channels, distributors, and online platforms.


  1. Commercial Strategy Advisory: Neo Vendis brings its expertise in strategic planning and market analysis to Trébol Verde, advising on the development and refinement of the company’s overall commercial strategy. This includes identifying market trends, understanding consumer behavior, and aligning the product offerings with the market demand. Neo Vendis’s role involves not just formulating strategies but also assisting Trébol Verde in adapting to the dynamic retail environment, ensuring the company remains competitive and relevant.

  2. Sales Execution in Retail Channels: A significant aspect of Neo Vendis’s support is enhancing Trébol Verde’s sales execution in both general and specialized retail channels. This involves optimizing in-store strategies, such as product placement, pricing, promotions, and customer engagement techniques. Neo Vendis helps in designing and implementing sales plans that are tailored to the unique characteristics of each retail channel, ensuring maximum reach and effectiveness.

  3. Specialized Retail (Retailer) Focus: In specialized retail channels, where customer preferences and expectations can differ significantly from general retail, Neo Vendis provides specialized strategies. This includes understanding the niche market, tailoring product offerings, and creating targeted marketing and sales approaches to appeal to the specific customer base of these retailers.

  4. Expanding through Distributors: Another critical area of Neo Vendis’s support is in leveraging distributor networks. This involves identifying and collaborating with suitable distributors to widen Trébol Verde’s market reach. Neo Vendis aids in negotiating terms, managing relationships, and ensuring distributors are well-equipped to effectively sell and promote Trébol Verde’s products.

  5. Online Sales Strategy: Recognizing the importance of the digital marketplace, Neo Vendis also assists Trébol Verde in strengthening its online sales presence. This includes e-commerce strategy development, online marketing, digital customer engagement, and leveraging online sales platforms to reach a broader audience. The focus is on creating a seamless online shopping experience that aligns with the brand’s identity and values.

In summary, Neo Vendis’s support for Trébol Verde encompasses a comprehensive approach to commercial strategy and sales execution. By providing continuous advice and practical assistance across traditional and specialized retail channels, distributor networks, and online platforms, Neo Vendis is instrumental in driving Trébol Verde’s growth, enhancing its market position, and expanding its customer reach in the highly competitive retail sector.

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