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Neo Vendis is significantly enhancing Cosaen Grup’s business development efforts by supporting them with an external commercial force. This initiative is strategically focused on opening and attracting new customers, particularly targeting bars, restaurants, and various professional sectors. The approach adopted by Neo Vendis involves a combination of direct prospect visits and the execution of tailored campaigns, aimed at increasing subscription and affiliation rates for Cosaen Grup’s services.

  1. External Commercial Force Engagement: Neo Vendis provides Cosaen Grup with a dedicated external commercial team. This team, specialized in sales and business development, is tasked with the direct engagement of potential new clients. Their expertise and skills are crucial in effectively communicating Cosaen Grup’s value proposition to a diverse range of prospects.

  2. Focus on Bars and Restaurants: Recognizing the unique needs and operational challenges of bars and restaurants, the external sales force is equipped with industry-specific knowledge. This allows them to present customized solutions that are appealing and relevant to these establishments, addressing their specific requirements and pain points.

  3. Targeting Professional Clients: Beyond the food and beverage sector, the campaign also extends to various professional clients who could benefit from Cosaen Grup’s offerings. This involves a thorough understanding of different professional market segments and tailoring the outreach accordingly.

  4. Direct Prospecting Campaigns: A key strategy in this collaboration is the implementation of direct prospecting campaigns. These campaigns involve the external sales force visiting potential clients, fostering personal interactions, and building relationships that go beyond conventional sales tactics. This approach is more engaging and often results in higher conversion rates.

  5. Successful Subscription and Affiliation Campaigns: Neo Vendis also orchestrates campaigns aimed at increasing subscription and cash & carry affiliation rates. These campaigns are carefully designed to be attractive to potential clients, offering them compelling reasons to commit to Cosaen Grup’s services on a long-term basis.

  6. Monitoring and Continuous Improvement: To ensure the effectiveness of these strategies, Neo Vendis actively monitors the outcomes of these initiatives, measuring success in terms of customer engagement, conversion rates, and the growth of subscription and affiliation numbers. Insights from these analyses are used to continuously refine and optimize the approaches for even better results.

In conclusion, Neo Vendis’s support for Cosaen Grup represents a comprehensive and dynamic approach to business development. By deploying an external commercial force and executing targeted campaigns, they are effectively expanding Cosaen Grup’s customer base, particularly in the bars, restaurants, and professional services sectors. This strategy not only helps in attracting new clients but also contributes to building lasting relationships and securing long-term business commitments.

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